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AUG 7 2019

   Judy and Dan both were shocked when a couple of ducks came to keep them company during the photoshoot. Dan's expression will always stay in my memory.

AUG 10 2019

   Kristina had no idea that going to the CN Tower was no average trip. Under the table Dima was getting the ring ready finding the right words to say. Only when he pulled out the ring, is when she knew this day was one to remember. From the 360 restaurant to the Skypod, Dima will forever remember her excitement when Kristina said yes.

JUNE 7 2019

   Prianka and her sister came to visit the 360 restaurant at CN Tower. They were "selected randomly” to have their photo taken. Little did Prianka know, a special guest was flying in from British Columbia to join them. Surprised to see Kamal, when he knelt on his knees, she knew.

APR 18 2019